At the time you’re reading this, you’ve probably checked your mail on your smartphone, listened to the radio in the car, texted your friends and probably have your Facebook open within reach. And that’s OK, because so did your customers.

We nowadays get the best of both worlds, by combining traditional and digital media into one habitual mix. What better way to call this behaviour:

HYBRID, and that's where we come into place.


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Hybrid Server

e-Marketing solution

A powerful webbased e-marketing tool that assists you in your contact management, e-mail marketing, web/SMS services and so much more.

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Hybrid Media Belgium

Johan Elias
CEO Partner

Frederic Apers

Bart de Ceulaer
Sales Manager

Alex Pauwels
Head of IT

Jef Aerts
Front-End Developer

Wim van Winkel Search Engine Marketeer

Razvan Berceanu Senior .NET developer

Koen van Parijs Data & Intelligence specialist

Jurre De Coninck

Jurre De Coninck IT Project coordinator

Jurre De Coninck

Filip Beenaerts IT Project Manager / Business Analyst

Gaetan Van der Eecken

Gaetan Van der Eecken Account Manager

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Account Manager

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Hybrid Media Portugal

Fernando Guerreiro Senior Functional AnalystBusiness Architect

Miguel Guerreiro Lead designer & UI specialist

Luis Bacharel
Senior Designer

Pedro Garcia
Senior Designer

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Hybrid Media India

Raja Sethuramapathy Project manager

Jayam Appavo
Team leader

Guna Seelan Senior .NET developer

Saranraj P.
Senior .NET developer

Maharaja Vignesh Senior .NET developer

Jagadesh Narayanan Subash Senior .NET developer

John Pravin Arrul Senior .NET developer

Medona Arockiasamy Software developer

Kumaresan Chidambaram Team Leader

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