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Today’s customer has become hybrid. During a run of the mill shopping trip, consumers quickly turn to their smartphone for online searches, whip out their tablet to look up additional information whilst watching the television, to finally make a purchase the day after on their desktop. This makes that we should alter our way of communicating and communicate much more data driven.

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Data Driven Marketing

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Both setting up the proper strategy and implementing the right tools and touchpoints determine how fast you will evolve on the data driven maturity curve or how your conversions will increase by sending the right message at the the right time. Hybrid Media coaches their clients during the complete process by applying its own methodology.

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The essence of our process lies in a maximal acquisition of useful consumer data, in order to send the right message through the right channel at the right time. We coach our clients from the foundational stage or an even earlier stage, wherein we work with segmentation models such as personas and customer lifecycles, in other words assumptions. Nextly, we evolve toward a one-on-one dialogue driven by a predictive algorithm. The faster you are able to receive and interpret correct data, the more you will evolve toward a customer-oriented policy and the higher your conversion rate.

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